Monday, November 15, 2010

ADV Korea’s Women of the Sea (Haenyeo)

Do you know what my former Korean language teacher had in common...

...with her?

They are both tenacious and hard working people. The former pic was my Korean language teacher when I was in Level 2. She got no other thing to do than continue talking on and on about food. A very jovial and active teacher.

One thing I like when I was learning Korean was that the teachers were very kind. They were so kind that even my neighbours were of no match to them. Really...

The last time I met her, she was so thin I thought she went for slimming body wrap like Rosie did in the Phuah Chu Kang comedy sitcoms (Those were the days when simple and vague comedies can make us laugh). For the first time, she wore high heels, really pointed ones and let me not talk about what she wore ^^ lol.

"So what's your name hey baby what's your name oh yeah
sexys my name yea sexys my name"

Mizz Nina Feat. Colby O Donis in "What You Waiting For"

Back to the story. :) In Korea, there is one tradition that is fast disappering. It is the tradition of women diving for living. There's the brief info..

" 'Haenyeo' (the sea women) are female divers in the Korean province of Jeju. What used to amount to as many as 15,000 haenyeo in 1970 has now plummeted to a mere third of that number; and most of them are over seventy years of age, meaning that haenyeo are fast disappearing. Nowadays, instead of the strenuous lifestyle as a haenyeo, many Jeju women are turning elsewhere for other possibilities of living.

In light of this sad reality, The LA Times published a feature article on Korean haenyeo, including interviews with the youngest haenyeo in Korea (33-year-old Ms. Kim) who has chosen the harsh path so that the precious tradition could be preserved..."

Read more at this link

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