Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello 2010, Goodbye 2009

I was busy. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Chinese New Year everyone! "Ho Ho Ho, May you be live happily and eat till your belly becomes like mine" (Santa Claus on Spring time), "What resolution(s) this year? got meh?" (New Year was tweaked to late February, my style) and "Gong Xi Fa Chai" (CNY - no angpows to you...)

I know I should post it earlier. But well, it's better to be late than never, right? 2009 to me was totally a whole new year with plenty of new experiences, new sights and new people. I can't remember people's name well because I always choose not to remember, I always want to look at the future and I do not wish to look back.

2009 has its ups and downs. I do not talk about my downs here in this Everyone-can-read blog. People can go on and on talking about their downs but I liken that to "Washing your dirty linen in public"... not me... lol. But isn't it more interesting to read nice stuffs than reading emo, boring, I-am-so-sorry posts?


2009 was interesting because I travelled to many places in Korea. So far, I had travelled to nearly everywhere in Korea except for the North-East part of Korea, Busan (been to the airport only on Feb 2010), Jeju Island, Nami Island, Gwangju area and the West Coast of Korea.

Throughout my stay in Korea, I like Seoul, Jeonju and of course my current city, Daegu the most. Seoul is a metropolis and been a metropolis means lots of nice and interesting spots centered on this city. Seoul is more like the heart, with the roads resembling the blood vessels. Busy, active and never sleeps.

Jeonju, a traditional town. There's nothing spectacular about this place but I like the quietness and the distance from the city. There's always nice Korean Traditional houses to stay, and it's also known as the food capital of Korea. My hometown in Malaysia, Penang is also known as the food capital so it has "sentimental value" to me.. just kidding... I really like learning people's culture and this place seemed to resemble the old Korea.

Daegu. 1 year (11 months to be a lil' accurate) and beyond. There's always nice aka positive things and negative things to say about it. At first Daegu doesn't really meet my expectations of it being the 3rd largest city in Korea. It looks small, it feels small. But what that matters is that it has that "feel" that makes you want to continue living here. Daegu - Nice and kind Koreans, tolerable weather, affordable city lifestyle, etc.

*okay... I'll keep on writing*

After a year staying in KNU (Kyungpook National University), getting and making new friends is easy but seeing them leaving after a year was heart wrenching, exaggerated but I am really going to miss them. And I made a video on our 1 year journey in Korea. It was my very first video.

Lera, Olesya, Oxana, Kay, Hsu Myat, June, Kay, Kampanart and Jaime - really nice knowing you all, nice memories, great people.

*Resolutions? Wth?*

"Dear Mr. Resolution,

I heard through watching TV that every new year, one has to make a list of what we want to achieve in that particular year. Is it really a custom or is it another scam? I found out that this idea of yours is only a mere time wasting tradition of writing unachievable goals. Undoubtly, there are some who can achieve their goals, wei, come on... they are the 0.00000001 % or even less..

So this year, I make a simpler list of resoulutions.

1. I wish I can sleep more. I slept at 1~2 am these days.
2. I want to look good and feel good. Isn't it great to feel good every morning?
3. Travel to other country while I am in Korea (actually I did that already! I went to China on Feb 12)
4. Study hard and ace the exam. "Be Optimistic! be Optimistic!"
5. Practice more Korean.

I can't think of it now... So I will leave no. 6 and 7 as the empty spaces which I will want to fill it someday. So do you think it's achievable?

Yours sincerely,


p/s shhhh... You want 1 sen? tolong me lah... (You want 1 cent? please help me okay...)"

I will be posting some pics if I have the time. My class will start next week too. Classes... hmmpff... 난 이번 학기는 아마 바쁘지만 꼭 쓰고 싶어

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