Sunday, December 27, 2009

Time after time

Er... actually, I do not have any intentions to blog these days. I am too preoccupied with assignments (especially the Korean Universities' Entrance Application and my school Korean language exams) so I think i would have to forsake my interest in blogging for a short time, maybe a month or two. In a span of only two weeks, I had travelled to the capital (Seoul) twice and one of the trip was sponsored by my university or the Korean Government while the other comes from my pocket (Ouch!). We had a university exhibition on the 15 and 16 this month.

As usual, it's quite interesting to see how the Malaysian KGSP scholars have changed (both physically and mentally), some remained the same, some grew wider (hehe), some grew thinner. But what that doesn't change is that we still treat each other as if we are family, maybe this is one of the reasons that birds of the same feather flock among themselves. One of the funniest memory that I can remember is that some Malaysian KGSP people cannot recognized me, maybe I change a lot, I don't know. Change is part and parcel of life, and I hope I change for the better. Hehe.

After that exhibition thingy, the next week (21 December), I went back to Seoul. I went there to hand in my university application directly to the university. I have no choice back then, the dateline for one of the university (Yonsei University) falls on that day itself and yet by sending my application through mail, I don't know wheather the parcel will reach them on time especially during this christmas season.


For the university application, I had applied for :

1st choice: Yonsei University
2nd choice: Kyungpook National University
3rd choice: Inha University

I have no high expectations on entering Yonsei and Inha, maybe this is because I felt applying to good and well-known universities are quite a risky move but oh well, who cares? I think I stand a better chance in getting to Yonsei than Inha because from the piles of Inha applications that I had seen (stacks and stacks of applications and Inha University is my third choice)

At Inha University, We met Bilqis (another KGSP scholar, our senior), I was kinda suprised to see her, she looked so different from the last time we had met. Just so different. More like Arnold Schwarzenegger than Bilqis. (Hehe - just joking aight!) Anyway, she helped us (Malaysian KGSP Scholars) a lot but I couldn't talk to her much and eating out together because at that time after we had submitted our Inha university application, I had to go back. I'm staying in Daegu (the Southern part of Korea) while Inha (in Incheon that is in the Northern part of Korea) and it would take lots of time to go back and that time, the sky was already dark.

Thanks Bilqis.

A few days later, on the 23 and 24 of December, we went to Muju Ski Resort. Before going there, we had a slight detour to POSCO steel factory (the second largest steel maker in the world) to listen to some talks. As usual, our minds were not into another boring talk or something like this, we are all into SKI. Period.

We went skiing. I skied, snowboarded and tried sled. Of all, snowboarding was the hardest while sledding was the easiest. Not much pics because I did not bring my camera during skiing.

I hope I will be updating my blog often. I dont have much time like last time to update my blog so frequently. I love writing but sometimes when there's other things/commitments, I have to prioritize. Till next time, more pics to come!


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munster said...

Hi Kyle ! How can I contact you? I would like to seek some advice from you if you don't mind.

Thank you very much !

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