Saturday, September 19, 2009

Halfway Through

Next month, I will be taking KLPT (Korean Language Proficiency Test) and I hope to do really well... who doesn't right? Somehow, I'll try to put my full attention towards achieving good results. My last shot to a clearer and unobstructed future.

The exam is to be held in 영남대학교 (Yeungnam University) on the 25th of October. To reach this university from KNU (Kyungpook University), One will be needing to take train, subway and bus, quite far...

I hope I can really get good result. Other things are now secondary. I hope. Will be buying a few books especially some english books for my reading pleasure and to write an article for my university magazine (It's that I'm have been so distracted lately and I could not put the adequate attention to my writing)

Bought a KLPT book yesterday... going to read it today or tomorrow. Oh ya, I'm 6 months in overseas already, the experiences are priceless yet they bring out the best of you when the going gets tougher...

I will, I must, I can.

I am also hoping that my other friends will do well too. 우리는 장학생인데 좋은 점수를 받아야해서 열심히 공부하세요!!!


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