Saturday, February 21, 2009

What we need...

To be honest, I am quite sick with what that is happening in the country. People seems to be more interested in looking at nude politician(s) than worrying about how are we going to feed the family in the coming recession. Actually, I prefer to write more about other MUCH more interesting topic than this, but it seems to get over my head now, so why not? Malaysia is a democratic country, it does not have or preached communism, it does not have leaders that is trainned in handling explosives or guns and the citizen gets to elect their own leaders.

A country that is stable needs a leader that can fulfill his/her goals of development without fearing the repurcussion of his/her own party members, s/he needs freedom of actions. At present moment, the country is controlled by a rulling party called UMNO, one of the 3 parties that fought for the Malayan independence but is no longer following the straight path to rightness... There is a high possibility of the party losing to the people's alliance (Pakatan Rakyat) in the next general election as UMNO (sadly...) is so corrupt and its leaders are extremely weak. Out of the 3 vice president contenders, one had been charged in court before... in the UMNO youth, 1 is a former "mentri besar" (leader of the state) that blatantly abused his power during his tenure and fully used the government-controlled media to bring down his opponent's reputations, the other one was the son-in-law of the current prime minister that is currently "the richest jobless man in malaysia" while the other is the son of a past prime minister that I would say play racial cards to the max for votes. Every single one is racist...

But first, what is racism? Racism has long been part of our lives and will exist forever. It has existed everywhere even in the United States... Just imagine... a cartoon that funnily despict a monkey been shot dead by policemen can be thought as a racist tool by the whites against the black... Come on! if we can ever progress as a human race, we ought not to bother at these stupid caricatures but to look foward in forging closer relations between the people. Racism I believe is the feeling of superiority towards other races and he/she prevents other races of achieving what they sincerely wants like everyone do.

Next, a country needs a single education system, education is the only avenue of uniting all the races, it's an unifying tool. If we have leaders that is divided over this issue, then the goal of achieving a united nation is a dream. Educational nationalist (especially the Malay and Chinese-educated ones) should realise that there is no point harping on the importance of their respective mother tongue because learning language can be obtained everywhere... it's the matter of interest and family influence. Language is such a complicated issue that it can divide a nation if nothing is done. Every leaders and language nationalists need to sit back and compromise to achieve a final conclussion that is agreable by all.

Once a leader can achieve this, I am sure that one day, we can find overselves regardless of races mingling among each other under the shelter of our famous nasi kandar store. Lest not forget that it's never easy to achieve what that we want in our life and we might not even achieve it, but we must persevere as only time will tell. History is not written by the past but it is written by the present.

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