Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Bored... that's what one simple word describes my day, 28th of Jan onwards... hopefully not tomorrow... Perhaps i should find a job now as i have now completed most of the things that are ought to be done... Chinese New Year to me this year was pretty boring, only visited 1 relative as most have either passed on or had gone overseas and outstation... taking advantage of the long break...

bored... bored... bored... >.<"

So far, i had completed and sent the application form for a korean scholarship and fully filled the form for STAR Education form (just requires my STPM result before being able to mail it)... there is a necessity for me to get a scholarship this time as i think that it's better to have more options available besides getting a seat to our own public university.

So lets see, Korean Scholarship (done!), Star Edu (done), GIC (pending...), Japan Scholarship (needing more info...)

"Do or do not. There is no try" YODA (this quote from Readers' Digest really caught my eye, star wars pulak)

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