Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My 2013: Once upon a time in Korea...

It has been almost 5 years since I first set my foot on the "Land of the Morning Calm" - Korea. Come to think of it, I will miss Korea very much even after I have graduated and returned to Malaysia for good. I will miss waking up early under the nice cool weather of spring, experiencing the scorching summer heat wave in Daegu, listening to the sound of rustling leaves in the autumn, and trying to catch the first snowflakes of the winter. I will greatly miss my friends too.

My autumn 2013.
It was sad knowing I will leave the land I now consider my second home. I have so many good memories and I am sure I will never experience some of them if I am to continue my studies here in Malaysia. 


Few months ago, I backpacked to China and Taiwan alone. It was really an awesome experience and if I have the chance to do this again, I would. Travelling alone (especially when I was in Taiwan) taught me a lot about life. I learned that not every things in life goes the way we want them to be - I was in Taipei when typhoon struck so I had to change some part of my trip itinerary and skipped some places. I will write about my trip one day.

The Bund, Shanghai 2013
The Bund at night 2013
Stone carving at the Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou
Outside Suzhou station

National Palace Museum in Taipei- the best museum in Asia!
Hi Taipei!!!
Life must go on...
Jeremy Lin who?
While I was in Shanghai, I made friend with a lone Dutch backpacker and we traveled around Hangzhou together even though neither of us can speak in Chinese. Over there too, I met a friend who I had known for over 6 years when we were in Singapore for the first time in person, therefore fulfilling one of my bucket list - travel to Shanghai

We visited Suzhou together and it was quite interesting to know that in Suzhou, the residents speak in their own distinct dialect like my friend with her distinct Shanghainese dialect when she spoke to her mum. And I was invited to her home for real Shanghai food. Cool huh? :)


Of late, I am extremely busy and sometimes, I felt very exhausted. Tired of finding job, stressed from juggling my time between attending classes, gym and other priorities, and worrying much about my future. Unlike my peers who already knew what they want to be in the future, in my case, I still do not know what I am suppose to do with my life. If I already knew what I wanted to do in my life, my life would be very easy.

KNU Graduation Album Photo shoot
I would just work hard to achieve that primary goal and everything else will fall in place. Sadly, it doesn't seems to be like that for me. I always want to find a career that I can dedicate my whole life on because I will love doing it. I have yet to find it. On the other hand, just in case you didn't know, I already got a job offer from Samsung in Malaysia before I have even graduated but I am still considering whether to accept it or not. 

Finally, after 5 long years... almost done...
The main reasons are that I enjoy studying more than working and I would like to work elsewhere first before coming back home for good. In my case, entering a foreign university to continue my studies requires lots of money and I vow to myself not to depend on my parents after graduating. I want to stand on my own two feet this time. I am fortunate though that my parents are still working and not dependent on me.

In Korea, unless you are an engineering student (to a smaller extent, business school student) or a graduate student, the possibility of you getting a decent job in Korea is quite low for foreigners. I am a science major with a minor in business administration, applying for job here is horrifying difficult because they seemed to reject applicants majoring in science. Or maybe I am not good enough... :(     

Busan Firework Festival 2013
To see as much as I can before I leave Korea for good...
Nevertheless, I am not a person who gives up quickly and moreover, going back home for good doesn't sounds so bad at all. It is just that I am quite nervous of whether I will get used to living in Malaysia and starting all over from the beginning again here. One more month before the end of my university life and may it be a memorable one.


Anonymous said...

enjoy reading ur blog~ really taught me a lot about studying in korea^^ anyway best wishes in ur future undertakings :)

Ailee Fadzlee said...

nak habis dah? :)))
first of all, thank you for writing down all your experiences and thoughts in this blog.
seriously, it such a great blog.
from zero knowledge about how's the life there, well now, im getting the picture already.
i'm planning to apply for the Korean government scholarship and hopefully, in 2015, they still have it. one more sem to go and i will finish my diploma :)

good luck Kyle.

kyle said...

Thanks everyone and good luck in all your endeavors too :)

Anonymous said...


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