Saturday, August 10, 2013

Discovering Shanghai and Taipei (soon)

The reason for my updates on Japan lately (the last one will be posted before my departure) was because I wish to get on with my next trip to China (Shanghai, Hangzhou and maybe Suzhou) and Taipei. 

Finish writing about my trip to Japan last June has been one of my main plans to do this weekend. These days, I was quite busy finalizing up my trip itinerary and too many meet-ups to attend. 

Woohoo! Very soon!

Hot hot hot... :(
Effects of global warming, China why you burn so much fossil fuels! ㅋㅋ  
Nice weather, hmmn...
My hometown...

Now, I am free as a bird!!! I will be leaving for Shanghai this coming Tuesday. 3 more days... Yippie! Whenever I think of Taipei, I always look forward to feasting delicious Taiwanese street food at the numerous night markets there that is quite similar to Penang food than Korean food. Happy weekends!

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