Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Bucket List, 내 생각

Sometimes, I always wonder what were my goals in life. I am undecided due to the lack of opportunity to make mistakes because it was risky if I fail or maybe, I was too ignorant in what to do in the future.

Spring 2012
As one of the final year undergraduate students, I started to worry a lot about my future: the next phase of my life after graduation. Well, my life until now was already set up when I received this scholarship to continue my studies here. Every paths had already been decided: graduate with a degree and leave the university with good memories.

My turn is coming soon
Is that all?

As imperfect as I always am, I always try to be the best. Ambitions, successes, wealth and positions used to be my main goals when I was young. Of course they still do now, but I do not crave for them anymore. Successes always equate happiness? Aren't they

As we were all taught from young that getting good grades, awards result in better future and these were reinforced by movies where the victors are often portrayed as the happiest persons on earth.

So, I competed.

Puff your face and let's eat curry puff
Now as a young adult, the meaning of successes started to be redefined. It is more to achieving your goals and be contented with what we have. Living within our means, be humble and grateful with what we have is not easy. However, easy or not, nothing is impossible. These days, I am trying to connect the dots, dots that have meanings to me. 

Dragonfly at Gyeongju
I also learned that as we grow older, the friendship circles around us will start to shrink. Facebook is the opposite though. On the flip side, the friends we have when we grew older are the closest, the ones we can rely most. Anyway, I am always inspired when I watched some classic ol' movies. 

Vanilla or vanilla?? Nom nom..
Forrest Gump is my all time favorite. It tells the life of a young boy growing up with clutches who never fails to work hard and achieve his goals. Along his journey to adulthood, he began to walk unassisted, help his friends, serve his country and meet the love of his life. lalalala :)

Hi Kid, can you pleaseeeee stand still? -_-"
Then comes the "bucket list". I wrote down a list of things I would love to see and make them happen before the time comes. Honestly, I have no idea how or when I would be able to accomplish them but I will try my best to cross the list out one by one.          

1. Help the orphans (or anyone in need)

2. Be proficient in Korean (Take and pass the Korean proficiency test)

3. Get a job

4. Travel to Shanghai solo

5. Travel to Europe

6. Start my own business

7. Speaking to the public in an important event

8. Lean more about other religions

9. Contribute to an orphanage

10. Waking up with the feeling that I have accomplished my goals in life

11. Publish my own book

12. Try bungee jumping or sky diving

13. Play chess against a complete stranger in an unexpected place

14. Say "hello" to Taj Mahal

15. Nap under a tree peacefully with no one bothering me at my high school

16. Witness the most beautiful thing in the world

A never ending journey with my Lala-land military ration (milk)
I felt, it's better to live with goals and dreams than to live just for the sake of living.

It's a female cat without even looking at the "ahem ahem", wanna know why? Search for Calico cat!  NEVER MESS WITH A SCIENCE STUDENT!!! RAWR!
어제 신문 읽었다가 내가 앞으로 뭐 될지 갑자기 생각했어.. 사실 난 부자 아녀서 기회를 누구나 주시면 난 어쩔수없이 받아야해죠. 이땜에 원하는 길 미리 못찾고 그냥 일반사람들처럼 살기 위해서 내 운명 감수했어. 진심으로 난 좋은 인간처럼 살고 싶어.. 그런데 우리 인간의 마음을 아무거도 추측못하잖아. 오늘은 이렇게 되지만 내일 다른거 생겨도 됨. 인강 살기가 참 힘든데 우리 항상 무시했나봐~ 아무튼 난 꼭 열심히 살아~ 꼭 행복해~ 

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