Friday, June 3, 2011

Life and Exam Week

Next week, it will be my finals. And I will need to put a temporary stop in blogging (as if I have anything interesting to write though. lol).

Last week, I participated in an inter-university sports meet and won a prize in 400m marathon (Will write about it after my exam).

Felt accomplished and happy la... as I had never won anything in track race, whats more among my high school classmates last time.

The weather here in Daegu is erratic - summer's here but at night, it's always cold. I realized that I miss the rain back in Malaysia, downpour makes you get stuck in a traffic jam and sometimes when it floods, I remembered that I had to push the car. Leema.. And... the smell of freshly mowed grass after the drizzle.. hmmn...

Oh, few more months and I'll be home!!! :)

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