Sunday, March 21, 2010

Journey to the West : To China and Koreans

Just another random thought coming out from my mind somewhere :

Supposedly I walk around the streets of Korea, the most obvious thing is that I am able to blend into the Korean society but when I walk on streets in Malaysia, I will be immediately judged based on my colour and ethnicity.

If I am a fair person, most probably I am a chinese while if I have dark skin, I would be immediately be thought of as an Indian, etc.

Korea is still a monoethnic country, a country with supposely only one "race" but for people like me, the feeling of being able to blend into the Korean society and not be classified as a foreigner is great.

But once the people (Korean) starts speaking in Korean so passionately to me and at the end of the sentence, I would like "Huh?", only then the Koreans will think I am a foreigner.

Blogging :

I like to blog but to blog consumes lots of time (like this post). I prefer to write long and by writing long it will be more interesting (I think). Writing a long blog needs time to think. Thinking of what to say and write needs a hell lots of time.

I have lots of assignments, homeworks and other commitments that I need to pay more attention to. I really hope I am free like last year when I was learning Korean language. I had so much time then.

China Trip :

I went to China on the 12th of February last month, actually it was an unexpected trip. I went to Beijing. Beijing is a country with nice roads but when you are at the outskirts of the city, then you can see that the developments seem to cease.

However, buildings around the city are spaced so far apart between the other buildings and it's incomparable to Seoul. They were all built side by side in Seoul.

I had been to almost every touristic places in Beijing, from the Great Wall of China till the Tiananmen Square. Beijing is big and the buildings are big. The air quality was okay, luckily the sky was clear throughout my stay in Beijing. I thought it would be bad as told by my former Korean language classmates about his trip to Beijing.

An odd thing about China is that it's freezing cold with chilling wind blowing here and and sometimes the people are so.. Have you ever been surrounded by people trying to sell their wares, foodstuffs to you forcefully? Have you ever been asked for tips here and there?

It happens in Beijing but maybe because I do not look like a Chinese. Funny huh? In Malaysia, I am a Malaysian Chinese. In China, I am a foreigner. In Korea, I am a Korean, Chinese or Japanese. Who am I? ;)

I wont be posting all the photos of my China trip but only a few places I think it's worth mentioning. I like Great Wall of China, the mountainous scenery was picturesque, The Summer palace because it's huge and it took me more than 30 minutes to walk from one end to another and the Donghuamen night market in China that is selling all sorts of nice (and sometimes exotic) food.

Chinese food are all salty and oily. It was delicious but not for the health conscious people.

Chinese in Beijing are very enterprising, I saw many people selling all sorts of food to the extent of surrounding the whole group of tour groups and asking everyone to buy their foodstuffs. In my case, it was roasted sweet potato. It was delicious though.

I would ride that if I have the time. Death and Life is just part of life so why be so afraid of "it". I would try it during my next trip to Beijing.

The same place in the picture from above. It was all about carved ice. It was really big and that time, I was really exhausted to the extent of wanting to go back to my hotel. I had flu and running nose so I can't really enjoy this trip. This place is really freezing. Colder than in Seoul and Daegu. I wished I brought more tissue (for my running nose) instead of my glove and thicker clothing.


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